Welcome to the Website of Bung Hatta University. This websita is a factual description of identity, achievements, and campus facilities owned by Bung Hatta University in realizing the vision of becoming an excellent and dignified university towards a world-class university.
Nowadays there are many universities opening that offer various courses and study programs. Choosing the right university is not as simple one. While making your choice you should definitely give preference to a university that has reputable biography, fundamental education, and constantly improves its educational system. The right choice is extremely crucial point for your future. As a reputable, Bung Hatta University is the right choice for your future as it is the best private university in LL2DIKTI REGION X (West Sumatra, Riau, Jambi). It has obtained The Institution Accreditation B by The Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic Indonesia. Bung Hatta University is in the 71st position of 100 best universities in Indonesia. This is based on the results of classifying of universities by the Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia which was announced in 2017.
The education process at Bung Hatta University does not only provide knowledge and skills but also add values to their students through the improvement of English proficiency, Information Technology, and apply Bung Hattaism. These values should become the foundation of academic life and apply in their daily life at Bung Hatta University. We will continue to increase the cooperation between universities, student's and lecturer's mobility, joint research, and community service for the local people. These activities contributes for students, teaching staffs, and local communities in Indonesia particularly in West Sumatera.
Enter Bung Hatta University and explore your potential for your future in the friendly education family of Bung Hatta University!

Prof. Dr. Tafdil Husni, S.E, MBA..
Rector of Bung Hatta University


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